Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Welcome Back to School!- PTA Updates

We hope everyone had an awesome first day back to school!

PTA would like to quickly share some upcoming events and information with you:

  • Be on the lookout next week for our first Fall Fundraiser with Cherrydale! Packets were originally scheduled to go home Thursday, September 8th but we may have to push it forward to the week of September 12th! The fundraiser will run approximately 3 weeks! You will be familiar with all the incentives and deadlines at that time!

  • We are registered for the National PTA Reflections Program this year! PTA Members may have already received detailed information about the program, but it can also be viewed here on the blog! This is for Pre-K all the way up! Volunteers also needed! Let's encourage as many of our students to participate!

  • In about 2 weeks we will have our Back to School Nights! We will have a brief introduction of our PTA Board Members, and General Members can cast their ballot to accept our audit and vote on our new budget! We will also be selling kids T-shirts $10 (they are awesome) and taking orders for adult t-shirts $15! And of course, keep sending in those Memberships! Get it now while it is still $5 a member. January 1, 2017 membership goes up to $7.

Thank you for your continuous support!


Friday, August 5, 2016

PTA Summer Donut Social! Thank you!

PTA would like to say thank you to those who stopped by to engage with us for the Summer Donut Social on Saturday July 30th!

Here are a few photos!

We gained members to start our 2016-2017 Membership , added committee interest volunteers and had a chance to chat with each other and with our New Principal Mrs. Kenya Batts. We look forward to doing this again next Summer!

The PTA Executive Board had an opportunity to meet together prior to the event to discuss:

  • PTA budget (members will be able to vote on this in September)

  • our upcoming partnership with the school for Open House/Picnic for September 1st (more information from the school will be coming very soon)

  • and initial plans for Back to School Nights for September 20th and September 27th (more information from the school to come very soon)!

We will update the PTA Calendar on this as well as things come together with solid dates, agendas, or itineraries or documentation as it applies!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A.M Davis PTA Blog Site!

Greetings A.M. Davis Dragons!

Your PTA would like to introduce you to your new PTA blog.  We desire to improve our communications with our members, students, parents, staff and community about all the things that PTA is working on.

We are hopeful that this new added communication tool will be useful and help us spread the word about all things PTA, in a fun yet informative fashion, from event updates, upcoming meetings, and information filtered down to us from our County Council, District and National PTA.

Subscribe to our blog, share your comments and stay connected with us!

We look forward to servicing you through this blog this upcoming 2016-2017 school year!

Nherie Tellado-Revely
A.M. Davis Elementary
PTA President