PTA Committees

We are in need of PTA Committee Members! 

Teacher Appreciation- Brandie Graham
We love our teachers! This committee seeks to find creative ways to continue to show our appreciation throughout the school year.  Teacher Luncheons, Holiday Gifts, Teacher Appreciation Week etc.

Box Tops Coordinator- Emilee Pike
We receive a tremendous amount of support through Box Tops! We have earned our PTA over $1000 in support, prizes for our PTA to support our PTA and school initiatives last year. This made a huge impact on our budget line! If you would like to assist Emilee Pike with counting boxtops, or supporting classroom party winners related to boxtops, connect with us and we will connect you with Emilee!

Membership Committee- OPEN
We need someone to head up our Membership Committee. we have simplified and made this easier. You won't be alone for the journey!  If you love getting to know people and can do a little data entry, we would love to talk with you! The candidate will make sure we know how many members we have each month and will work with the President and Vice President on turning in rosters to County Council. (training provided)

Yearbook Committee- OPEN
Do you love to take pictures? Or like to catalog photos or would like to be a part of the Yearbook Committee? We are looking for individuals who love photography and want to build their resume!

Hospitality- OPEN
This is the core of how we operate behind the scenes.  More than just a setup and cleanup crew! We are seeking creative people who know about how to efficiently impact and give and support our events by making sure we think through what supplies we need and help us put it together!

Family Fun Nights Coordinator- OPEN
Do you like Sweetfrog, Chuck E Cheese, Chic Fil A?  OR do you have an idea for a Family Fun Night event and want to share it and help lead it?  Let us know! We are in need of folks to help out once a month to help participate in our Family Fun Nights. These Nights are so important as we are seeking to improve our relationships within the family and community by providing outlets where we can get together and also support the PTA all at the same time! 

Papa Johns Coordinator- OPEN
We feel our relationship with Papa Johns has the potential to pull in much rewards to support PTA.  Historically it has done well. Last year we could not engage with the rewards program as much.  Please reach out to Vice President Shannon Huttemann at our for interest!

NEW!!! Communications Committee- OPEN
Do you have a love for Social Media, Flyer Creation for events or programs?  This new Communications Committee welcomes you to be as creative as you can be.  We would love to have people on board to help us come up with great creative content or graphics that we may use for our social media platforms, internal/external communications!

Other Committees we are looking to fill this year to support both our Committees and Board :

Bylaws Committee- OPEN
Do you have a knack for understanding rules, regulations and all that stuff? We would love to have a team of a few folks that can help us stay on track with anything bylaw related.  There are times where we are so involved with PTA that we come across ideas that may or may not be supported by bylaw. With this team, we can gain better understanding and keep our PTA in good standing all year long!

Nominating Committee- OPEN
This committee assists in the collection of nominees for open or term ending PTA Board positions and committees.  They reach out to confirm the nominated candidates for the ballots, and present the candidates to the Board. (More training will be provided on this)

If there is another Committee not represented here that you feel would be an asset to the PTA, please let us know how you would like to participate!

Send us a message at!

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